Doubts in the TC to protect the former Podemos deputy Alberto Rodríguez due to the disproportionality of his sentence

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The thesis that the condemnation that Supreme Court imposed on the former Podemos deputy Alberto Rodriguez was disproportionate, it has not garnered sufficient support in the Plenary Session of the Constitutional Court, according to what legal sources inform EL MUNDO.

The judges of the High Court deliberated in depth this Thursday on the draft sentence presented by the judge. Maria Luisa Segoviano where it was argued that the sentence that the Criminal Chamber imposed on the former parliamentarian for kicking a police officer during a demonstration that took place in 2014 in La Laguna (Tenerife) violated the principle of proportionality.

However, although the majority of the Plenary has been in voce in favor of the assessment of Rodríguez’s request for protection (the presentation, however, has not been voted on), several magistrates from the progressive sector of the body have expressed their objections to the argument given, considering that the appeal should be upheld for a mere question of criminal legality rather than proportionality.

Hence, the rapporteur, Judge Segoviano, has decided to withdraw her draft sentence and has undertaken to remake it incorporating the arguments expressed by several of her colleagues this Thursday in the plenary session.

In October 2021, the former Podemos deputy was sentenced to a month and a half in prison for the crime of attacking law enforcement officials, which the Second Chamber replaced with a fine of 540 euros.

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