Douglas Leff will leave the FBI address in San Juan


Washington.- Although federal authorities refused to confirm it, the director of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in San Juan, Douglas Leff, informed his relatives that he will soon leave the headquarters of that office.

According to sources, Leff said he had among his possibilities to accept a new position or retire.

Officially, an FBI spokeswoman in San Juan said Leff would not comment publicly on the matter.

However, Leff confirmed to the newspaper El Vocero that he would leave his position. The official went further and told the newspaper that he would accept a new position in Washington, where he will lead the Inspection Division.

Leff is in front of the FBI office in San Juan since 20015.

Its beginnings in the federal agency, according to the FBI website in San Juan, date from 1996 in the office of the negotiated in New York.

The same brief details that specializes in organized crime, money laundering and terrorist financing.



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