down to -10 degrees, snow, gusts… and even thunderclaps, here is his forecast for the next few days

A vast low-pressure area extends from the Atlantic Ocean to Scandinavia and will maintain a fairly strong south-westerly current over the next few days in which rainy areas circulate but also fairly mild maritime air from Brittany and the Bay of Biscay.

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It will therefore rain regularly this Thursday morning, especially in the interior of the country, the sky becoming less cloudy from the west during the course of the day but with still one or another local downpour.

Mildness will prevail with temperatures between 13 and 16º in the plains and at the sea and 9 to 13º on the Ardennes relief.

The south-westerly wind will sometimes blow unpleasantly with peaks of 45 to 65 km/h.

The following night will again be quite rainy with peak winds locally reaching 70 km/h but it will be mild with lows between 7 and 11º.

Friday :

The rains will evacuate towards the east and the sky will clear up quickly in the morning with however still outbreaks of temporary showers in all regions.

24 mars

It will still be mild but quite windy with gusts locally reaching 75-85 km / h in the showers.


The current from west to south-west will remain very fast, even losing a few degrees, the maximum remaining around 6 to 10º in the Ardennes and between 10 and 13º in the plain.

25 mars

There will still be showers which will be stronger and sometimes accompanied by thunderclaps south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow but it will be above all the wind which will be noticed with gusts between 60 and 90 km/h.

Sunday :

A fairly active depression will appear during the night over the western Channel and in Brittany and will continue its course towards the east towards southern Germany.

It will be accompanied in the morning by fairly heavy rainfall over the country, turning into melting snow in the evening on the Ardennes relief.

26 mars

It will still be 3 to 10º during the day but in the evening these temperatures will drop to 0º on the Ardennes heights and between 3 and 5º in the other regions.

The wind that will shift to the north in the afternoon will still blow with peaks between 70 and 80 km/h on the coast and between 50 and 70 km/h inland.

Monday :

A fairly cold current of polar origin will cross the North Sea and bring us seasonal weather with showers of rain, sleet or melting snow on the plains and melting snow/snow on the relief of the Ardennes where a few centimeters will be possible on higher ground.

27 mars

Highs of 5 to 9º but no more than 1 to 4º in the upper Ardennes.

The northwest wind will become a little less strong with peaks returning between 40 and 60 km / h

Evolution for next Tuesday and Wednesday:

The arrival of an anticyclone in the north of France will favor a decrease in the precipitation trend but the night clearings will lower the minimum temperatures between 0 and -3º in the plain and between -3 and -8º south of the Sambre furrow and Meuse with maybe mixes -8 to -10º in some valleys of the eastern Ardennes.

28 mars

It will generally be dry and not very windy but often under a cloudy sky with temperatures remaining between 6 and 13º in the afternoon.

29 mars

Probable trend for the period from March 30 to April 2:

With the low pressure activity which will resume with renewed vigor over the near Atlantic and the British Isles, the flow will quickly return to the southwest with the return of the disturbed areas accompanied by rains but also by slightly cooler air.

30 mars

It will no longer freeze at night and the maximums will show seasonal values, i.e. 7 to 14º depending on altitude.

31 mars

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