Download iOS 14.0.1 now, fix many of the problems of iOS 14

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Less than ten days have passed since the launch of iOS 14 for iPhone and iPadOS 14 for iPad, but Apple has already had to release a new update. And all due to some errors that were making users crazy.

iOS 14 is one of the versions that introduces the most changes in the history of the system, and it shows. Some changes have been very well received by users, such as the arrival of widgets on the home screen, something that allows us to customize our iPhone like never before and has waked up crazy.

Other novelties, such as the app library or privacy improvements, with the introduction of a point that appears on the iPhone when an application is accessing the camera or microphone, have also been well received.

New iOS 14.0.1

But although iOS 14 is on the way to becoming a successful launch, it is no less true that it has been imperfect. Whether it’s the rush to make changes or the release announcement that caught app developers off guard, iOS 14 has plenty of bugs.

Now Apple has released iOS 14.0.1, a version that as its number indicates, is not a great change compared to iOS 14. Do not expect to find big changes, since all the news focuses on fixing the problems introduced in the latest version.

This is good news if you were one of those affected. To update the iPhone, we just have to open Settings, enter “General”, and “Software update”. The iPhone will automatically search for the update and will give us the possibility to “Download and install”. It won’t take long since it’s not a big update.

Fix iOS 14 issues

Among the solved problems is a very annoying one that affected the new function that allows you to change the browser and the mail app that are used by default. Thanks to that we can, for example, use Gmail as default email on iPhone.


However, if you have already changed it, you may have noticed that the iPhone loses this configuration when we restart the mobile. In effect, the changes are not saved. iOS 14.0.1 changes this and we will no longer have to change the default apps constantly.

This update also solves a problem that caused the iPhone not to connect to the WiFi network, in addition to another that caused us to not be able to send emails with certain apps. Lastly, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users complained that the preview of the photos they were taking was not visible, and that has been fixed.


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