Technology Download these 8 backwards compatible games for free

Download these 8 backwards compatible games for free

It is common for the Microsoft store to release free games from time to time. Either titles of this generation or simply backwards compatible games from other Xbox consoles. Each territory has its own offers and since Microsoft never warns of this, it becomes difficult to stay up to date every time new games drop to zero euros.

But tranquility in the masses, that’s what we are for, to try warn you of these types of bargains as far as possible. Starting the month of August with 4 new games is always a good joy, even more with this insufferable heat that is hitting Europe.

Free backwards compatible games

But without getting too involved, I will comment on the 8 games that are currently available without any cost in the different Microsoft stores. Surely there are more, but the complexity of creating accounts and changing regions is tedious, so we are going to list those that you will have at the click of a button.

I leave you the list so that you can get hold of them, although if you do, make sure you have started your session on the Xbox website.

Xbox 360 backwards compatible

  • JuJu – (Japanese Store, you don’t need Gold).
  • Costume Quest – (Japanese Store, you don’t need Gold).
  • Ikaruga (Argentina Store, you don’t need Gold).


Xbox Original Backwards

We hope you enjoy them and give them many hours of play. Do you know of any more? share it with us.

Jose Angel

Jose Angel

Managing this house since 2014. I love playing all of my accomplishments and am a passionate fan of Microsoft products.


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