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Samsung Galaxy Fold

C & # 39; s still more than a month before Samsung decides to launch the market the Galaxy Fold, his first folding phone presented in February with the Galaxy S10 and S10 +, which we have already analyzed, and there is no doubt that the wait will be long. However, there are always ways to entertain the wait until you arrive in stores, only the most exclusive, of course, and one of them is Download and use your original wallpapers.

People of SamMobile had early access to the backgrounds originals that will come with the device, including animated backgrounds which will include the Galaxy Fold, and it is now possible to download them all.

Download the Galaxy S10 wallpapers

As we saw during the presentation of the phone, Galaxy Fold wallpapers take advantage of the phone's flexible OLED panel with pure black backgrounds. In total, four pairs of different backgrounds are included, all with a butterfly of different colors, which will only be displayed when the phone screen is displayed and the fold is used in "tablet mode".

When you close the phone, the butterfly closes its wings and only allows you to see a flash of the same color. In the gallery below these lines you can see the four backgrounds that are included, each of which is intended for one of the different color versions in which the Galaxy Fold will be available once it lands on the market.

Next to static images, they also shared backgrounds animated video, which can be used on any mobile phone as live wallpapers simply by using an application like Video Live Wallpaper. In the Google Drive folder connected below these lines, you can download each of the Galaxy Fold animated wallpapers.

The arrival of the Galaxy Fold is scheduled for the end of next April and, as we know, will be priced at 1,980 euros. With this Samsung will enter the mobile phone market for the first time and will have to face Huawei and Mate X, a model perhaps more spectacular than the Fold, but also much more expensive.

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