Dozens of forest fires have broken out – evacuations on Samos


Several hotels have had to be evacuated on the Greek island of Samos. Due to the persistent heat, forest fires broke out at several points. 1,000 tourists had to leave their accommodation.

The persistent heat and strong winds caused dozens of fires in Greece over the weekend. On the tourist island of Samos, five hotels were temporarily evacuated Saturday night due to heavy smoke. Firefighters also fought the flames on the Peloponnese peninsula, the island of Corfu and central Greece.

The danger of fire remains

About 1,000 tourists from the evacuated hotels near the famous Samos resort of Pythagorio have been hosted for several hours in a sports hall. Furthermore, the Coast Guard collected dozens of people with boats from the beaches. They were cut there because of the thick smoke. "In the meantime, all the tourists have returned to their lodgings," said the mayor of the island, Christodoulos Sevastakis, on Sunday the Greek news channel Skai. A total of 56 fires broke out across the country on Saturday, civil protection said on Sunday. The risk of fire remains high.

Greek civil defense had proclaimed the second highest forest fire alarm at the weekend. In a disaster in July last year, more than 100 people were killed near Athens. In many cases, fires ignite due to incorrect behavior: for example, due to a discarded cigarette, outdoor grilling or the prohibition of burning garden waste during the summer. The latter was also the cause of the devastating fire last year.



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