Dozens of transgender women invade the Banjar City hall, what’s wrong?

TIMESINDONESIA, BANJAR – Dozens transpuan and LGBT people in Banjar City today suddenly stormed the Banjar City Pendopo Tennis Field, Wednesday (01/12/2021).

Apparently, they were invited by KPA Banjar City through the Health Office and IDI Banjar City to be tested for HIV/AIDS aka Voluntary Counseling and testing (VCT) in commemoration of World Aids Day.

VCT is usually routinely carried out by the trans woman community to ensure the health of their intimate organs from the dangers of HIV/AIDS transmission. They were targeted by this VCT because their community was considered to be at high risk of infection.

Present at the event were the Mayor of Banjar, Dr Hj Ade Uu Sukaesih, M.Si, Deputy Mayor of Banjar, H Nana Suryana, S.Pd, Head of the Health Service Dr Andi Bastian, Head of IDI Banjar City Branch, Dr Fuad Hanif and the Director Banjar City Hospital, Dr. Agus Budiana Ekaputra.

The mayor had time to interact and give an appeal to the trans woman community who calls themselves Srikandi Patroman to avoid having sex that is unhealthy or at risk of transmitting HIV/Aids.

The atmosphere of the World Aids Day commemoration which was held at the Banjar City Pendopo Indoor Tennis Field (photo: Susi/TIMES Indonesia)

“We gather them for assistance by checking their health through VCT,” he explained.

In addition to the VCT examination, the Mayor also listened to their complaints regarding the problem of medical expenses for PLWHA.

“For treatment problems, now people living with HIV are transferred to the Puskesmas with free treatment, yes, as for other costs, we are thinking about it together,” he explained.

The chairman of IDI, Dr. Fuad Hanif, said that this activity was carried out to provide counseling to residents who have a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

“West Java ranks third with the highest AIDS cases and Banjar City is one of them which has quite a lot of AIDS cases,” he explained.

According to him, in the treatment, his party has provided treatment or therapy to patients who have been diagnosed with PLWHA.

“We are still coordinating with them to carry out treatment and education, the most important thing is so that they are not ostracized and given encouragement, of course,” he said.

What is it?

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