Dozens of workers came to Kamchatka to build military facilities and were stuck there due to non-payment of salaries.


In autumn, dozens of workers from all over the country arrived in the closed city of Kamchatka of Vilyuchinsk to build two military facilities, but now they can not leave because their salaries have not been paid for several months, reports Medusa

PAccording to the publication, there is a pass system in Vilyuchinsk, but the workers (about 70 people) were taken there illegally: without documents, by boat, bypassing the checkpoint. They are afraid that if they decide to leave the city, they will be arrested.

What is more is known:

The publication communicated with four employees. An electrician of Kazan Ruslan Shamsutdinov said he had worked in Vilyuchinsk since mid-October. The company "Construction Management of Buildings and Structures" (SUZS) promised him a salary of 80 thousand rubles, but did not even give the promised advance payment.

The electrician Pavel came to Vilyuchinsk from Khabarovsk also for a salary of 80 thousand rubles. According to him, 25 thousand rubles were paid for two months.

"The kids went to earn money for the new year, so everyone is sitting with zero and no passages (allowing them to enter Vilyuchinsk and leave it.) Only three people have received a pass. Thank God, though none remove the passports ", one of the interlocutors mentioned in the publication.

Causes of salary breaks in Vilyuchinsk:

In the "Medusa" report, problems in the construction of military facilities in Vilyuchinsk do not arise for the first time. In 2015, the builders of the submarine dock hired by Spetsstroy suspended work three times because they were not paid. In March 2016, the workers declared another strike and, to crush him, the authorities would have given five thousand rubles to the strikers.

In 2017, Russia's Attorney General Yuri Chaika said that more than 1.6 billion rubles were stolen from the construction of naval structures, particularly in Vilyuchinsk, with the participation of intermediate companies. The violations became the reason for the reorganization of Spetsstroy in 2016.

The interlocutor of Medusa, who reported that he rented the premises of SUZS, explained that now the problems with money derive from the fact that the main contractor, a man named Spetsstroy, "changes the structure and the bank".

What is known about contractors:

According to the publication, the state contract for the construction of the "building number 720/1" in Vilyuchinsk, where the builders remained without salary, was received by the company "Front Engineering". Previously, it was registered at the same address as the CRMS. The two companies have a common telephone. The interlocutors of "Medusa" in Vilyuchinsk also say that SUZS operates under the Front Engineering brand.

The contract for the construction of another Vilyuchinsky plant at number 3002 was assigned to the company "Roinzhiniring Energy". One half belongs to an offshore company in Cyprus, the other belongs to ZAO Rosenzhiniring. The main owner of this company is Dmitry Novikov. This is a knowledge of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who spoke as his instructor in downhill skiing. He was one of the biggest contractors of the Krasnaya Polyana Olympic mountain group and the Igora ski resort.

Both contracts entered the structure of the Ministry of Defense Main number four of military construction management.


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