DPRD Agrees to Makzulkan Regent Jember Faida, Ready to Process the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Home Affairs

Illustration: DPR member meeting. DPRD Agrees to Makzulkan Regent Jember Faida, Ready to Continue the Process to the MA and Ministry of Home Affairs. (Source: kompas.com/Tsarina Maharani)

JEMBER, KOMPAS.TV – DPRD Jember held a plenary session of the right to express an opinion (HMP) which was held on Wednesday (7/22/2020). As a result, the DPRD agreed to impeach Jember Regent Benefits.

All factions in the DPRD agreed to dismiss the first female regent in Jember that.

“The DPRD has decided through seven factions to exercise the right to express an opinion,” said the chairman of the plenary session Ahmad Halim after the session at the DPRD Jember, Wednesday, as quoted by Kompas.com.

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Halim said that all factions agreed to dismiss Faida Regent politically. The impeachment agreement will be submitted to the Supreme Court (MA) in the near future.

“We complete the document process, when the right time is submitted to the Supreme Court to be tested,” explained the man who served as deputy chairman of the Jember DPRD.

As long as the results of the opinion test and termination decree have not yet come out, Faida still serves as regent. However Halim stressed that the HMP process was still ongoing.


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