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Draft in the NHL: The Detroit Red Wings choose Moritz Seider – Sport

Sometimes, national coach Toni Söderholm said a month ago at the edge of the Ice Hockey World Championship in Slovakia, he can hardly get out of the jam when he looks at Moritz Seider’s development. “It is getting better week by week,” said Söderholm. “In this respect, I can well imagine that he will be playing in the NHL next season.”

It is possible: In the National Hockey League (NHL) draft, the Detroit Red Wings secured the rights to the young German defender on Sunday night. Seider was drafted in the first round, in sixth place. Only one German was drawn earlier: Leon Draisaitl 2014, on three. “I was totally stunned. I didn’t expect that, ”said Seider on Saturday night in Vancouver, Canada. “My whole body trembled. I looked at my mother and she was so excited. It was an incredible moment for me and my family. ”

Moritz Seider has actually made a huge climb this season. He started the season lanky and with a mask and 17 years, in the end he had matured at 18 to become the best defender of the national team. In April he also won the German championship with the Adler Mannheim.

Moritz Seider, a strong young man with youthful facial features and strong running skills, is considered one of the world’s best defenders of his year. He was the only young generation player in the German World Cup team who was not yet abroad. Germany’s undisputed best attacker Leon Draisaitl is that Seider will soon be active in North America. “I immediately saw what systems he has,” says Draisaitl. “But he just turned 18, you shouldn’t ask too much of him yet.”

Seider wants to play in Mannheim for another year

At the World Cup, Seider also took a bad check in the game against Slovakia and was back in the German team after a three-game break in the lost quarter-final against the Czechs. The tall defender from Baden (1.92 meters) said before the draft: “I will probably play in Mannheim for another year.” He was still young, and that was better for his development. National coach Söderholm also believes “that Moritz has a good 20 years ahead of him as a professional”.

Whether it is enough to catch up with the most successful German defender in the NHL so far is another matter. Ehrhoff had 862 games in the world’s best ice hockey league. But Moritz Seider still has a lot of time.


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