Draft is completely open for Gutekunst


If the best player at a given time does not guarantee to be drafted so high, one can resort to trading in which there is a stronger cluster. Conversely, if the last player of a strong group is still available but it may not be far enough, trading is an option.

All these choices are more available to Gutekunst now than they were a couple of months ago, to help maximize the value of his 10 choices rather than worry about leaving a key position or two short of vital NFL players. Having two choices in the first round at numbers 12 and 30 has generated more potential exchange scenarios, Gutekunst acknowledged, as usual.

"This is what I know and this is what I love. I really like this part," said Gutekunst. "The thought process is part of it, trying to improve our team".

Many analysts consider this draft in depth in the defensive front seven, offensive line and tight end, all the areas that the Packers will probably face, if not more times. Gutekunst used his first two choices last year at the cornerback, but no team seems to have ever had enough players in development. The Packers also have five running backs and large receivers on the roster from the last two drafts, but it is not to be excluded that they will not add others.

All the preparation is practically done. Since last autumn, when the explorers set off for their campus visits, the Packers built the draft that will guide Gutekunst in the seven rounds from Thursday to Saturday.

He noted at this point "it is a bit dangerous" to make too many reactionary adjustments of the last minute that could undermine the whole footwork in advance. The board of directors will tell him where those valuable clusters are relative to his project position whenever his place is approaching, and he can make calm and collected decisions amid the frenetic nature of 32 teams that have different opinions and approaches.

"When you do it for as long as many of us have, this is what you work for the whole year," said Gutekunst. "We are really excited. We are at the point, now we are ready for Thursday to arrive here and just to spend the weekend, and see what we can do to help our team.

"The story here has shown that there is always the possibility of getting creators of differences throughout the project. I think it's our job every time we select to see who it is."


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