Dragon Age 4: is it just coming for the new consoles? (Rumor)

BioWare is known to have been working on the RPG sequel Dragon Age 4 for some time, but many players on the popular older consoles may no longer be able to enjoy the title at all.

According to a new rumor, BioWare is apparently planning the new role-playing game together with publisher Electronic Arts Dragon Age 4 release only for the new consoles. Accordingly, in addition to the PC, the platforms Xbox Series X / S and PS5 should be served, the predecessors Xbox One and PS4, however, probably no longer.

This is what a new report from GamesBeat close, which primarily refers to the LinkedIn profile of the former lead player designer Daniel Nordlander. According to his own information, he worked on Dragon Age 4 from October 2019 to October 2020, but only lists Xbox Series X / S, PS5 and PC as supported platforms.

Has detached from it GamesBeat according to his own statement, but also tried his own sources at EA separately and was able to verify that a publication of the new RPG hope was actually only planned for the systems of the new generation.

Whether this step – should it be officially confirmed – comes as a surprise or not, everyone can judge for themselves. However, the fact is that EA is currently still sticking to cross-gen releases. Even the brand new shooter Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19th for both the newer and older Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

According to GamesBeat but in this specific case there should already have been some problems for the responsible studios. Therefore, the publisher is now apparently more likely that the new platforms will be more widespread by the release of Dragon Age 4. The new series part does not yet have a release date.

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Dragon Age 4 – Game Awards 2020 Trailer

There was a big new trailer for Dragon Age 4 at the Game Awards 2020.

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