Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: a release date spotted for the franchise’s next brawler

News culture Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: a release date spotted for the franchise’s next brawler

Published on 01/13/2022 at 15:08

Even after more than thirty years of activity, the Dragon Ball license still seriously has it under the hood. This year, she will give birth to a new animated film from her Dragon Ball Super arc, subtitled Super Hero… and the release would become clearer thanks to a disturbing clue.

The Super Heroes always in fashion

Launched in 2015, the anime Dragon Ball Super is an arc that intends to be available everywhere: first in manga (which has been effective for years already), but also with new feature films. We thus remember a first film broadcast in December 2018 in Japan (early 2019 by us), Dragon Ball Super Broly, whose critical reception had turned out to be rather mixed, but with a warm commercial reception.

Not really discouraged, the series does it again with a brand new project called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, inevitably arousing the excitement of a huge community of fans: everything we know officially, is that the film must be released in the Land of the Rising Sun during the month of April 2022. However, it was without counting on the indiscretion of the Thai cinema chain, Major Cineplex, and his website who advance a release on June 2.

Given that no other release date or window – outside of Japan, we mean – has been sighted anywhere, theories are banking on a high probability that Dragon Ball Super Super Hero will be entitled to a worldwide release in these waters, i.e. around June 2, 2022. We will obviously take tweezers, always required in this kind of case.

Future slap for Dragon Ball Super Super Hero?

If we don’t know much about the plot yet, here is what we were able to gather after the different trailers: Piccolo would probably be at the heart of the story (which will take place after Buu’s defeat by Goku) while Goku, Krillin, Vegeta, Bulma or Son Gohan would also punctuate a very explosive narrative. Note also the presence of a new character created directly by Akira Toriyama.

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The film is directed by Tetsurô Kodama while the animation is entrusted to Chikashi Kubota and his team, to whom we owe that of Dragon Ball Super Broly. The music is composed by Naoki Sato. In short, maybe see you this summer to appreciate the final result.

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