Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition kicked off the Tokyo Game Show 2020 with a new trailer, showing new footage and detailing some of the changes that will be made to the game. Because COVID-19, TGS it’s a digital-only event this year, but it still has a strong line of games ready to reveal news there, including Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity .

It got mostly favorable reviews

Released last year, Dragon Quest XI garnered mostly favorable reviews for his faithful translation of the classic action of JRPG in a modern context. While it doesn’t break new ground, the game was praised for providing an experience that stays true to the core of the series, but with updated graphics and voice acting.

An updated version of the game, it was released on Switch in 2019, but has yet to reach other platforms. Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition will be launched in PlayStation 4, Xbox One Y PC December 4.

As the TGS trailer for the game shows, it’s even making some new additions to the game. One of the characteristics it presents Dragon Quest XI S son new missions to explore the backgrounds of its great cast of characters. This allows players to delve into the world building and lore of their own group. Similar to its Switch incarnation, the game also features a 2D function, which allows players to enjoy the game through outdated pixel art sprites.

It also features a photography function, which allows gamers to take pictures of the beautiful world what has to offer. The new edition also allows the language to be switched to Japanese, which appeals to a broader audience that may not speak English or allows international audiences to play with their original voice cast.

The PC version of the game It will also be available on the Epic Games Store.

The new edition allows you to enjoy other worlds based on previous games in the series

The new edition also adds an optional feature to allow players to enjoy the history of the series, exploring other worlds based on previous games in the series.

This could be what the game’s veterans were yearning for, and it could provide a good introduction to the series for newcomers, especially since Dragon Quest X never made it to the United States.

Dragon Quest XI S It seems like a great option for those who are new to the series. Each game gives a unique experience, so it is not necessary to have played previous games of Dragon Quest to understand this last entry. 2D, It could also end up being the ideal version of the game for gamers seeking a sense of nostalgia or undertaking new quests to relive previous experiences.

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