Drama Doctor Kwan Knot Tweet “Tom Yan Tee” died, a popular page called for the Medical Council of the Ethics Examination.

became an issue that has been criticized in the online world from the case gift doctor Fuji Eternal has tweeted a message from the death of Tom Yan hit or Khunying Wimon Siripaiboon Thai novelist and is a national artist Literature department in 2012

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The drama that arises from the “Doctor Gift” has tweeted a message from the death ofTom Yan hitor Khunying Wimon Siripaiboon By stating that #Thom Yan hit #Thom Yan chrome #Thom Yan hit.. #Is there anyone to give more than this RIH #Thomas Yan Thi Then there are many netizens commenting.

Subsequently, the page Legal aid center for bully victims of social media Has taken the picture of the message that “Doctor Kwan” tweeted a message to “Tom Yan hitalong with the question The doctor is a public figure. Should honor the deceased, not bully the deceased

which the center has submitted a letter to the Medical Council to examine the ethics and ethics of Dr. Gift on such issues.

Legal aid center for bully victims of social media

while the movement of gift doctor Recently, the post with the issue has been removed. and tweet messages to Tom Yan hit New short saying RIH #Thomyantee

In addition, Dr. Kwan also clarified about deleting the post that is a drama issue, saying that I would like to delete posts that may contain profanity such as “foot”. The children follow and are very trusting. Ok, next doctor will say. “It’s rude to be polite.”

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before tweeting, adding that When playing on social media, you need to know where the “Unfollow” button is. Whoever the world is beautiful, please come to the front label. Do you think that you can’t accept it? It’s an fall. Let it pass. Do you pretend or it’s too difficult for your brain?

Drama Doctor Gift

gift doctor

CR Twitter gift doctor , Legal aid center for bully victims of social media


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