Drama on Kingsley Coman against Nuremberg


Kingsley Coman collapsed. Stunned, he lay down on the lawn of Max Morlock Stadium, his head sunk beneath his crossed arms.

The Frenchman has just given the big chance to win at 1. FC Nürnberg. His nerves disappointed him only in front of goalkeeper Christian Mathenia. If this shot would have meant the championship in case of success?

Coman himself had a broken heart. Immediately after the final whistle he left the stadium towards the catacombs. Javí Martinez and Renato Sanches hastened to follow him, hugging him and trying to comfort the wing. You shouldn't have been the last one this evening.

Hummels: Coman "was very sad"

"It was very sad, everyone said it was okay, everyone was comforting him, they told him: & # 39; Do so much for us, give us everything to every game, something similar can happen & # 39;" said Mats Hummels at the game SPORT1request:

"Nobody is a little angry with him, he has a thousand percent support from all the team members and he has an incredible load for the whole season".

Before the start of the second half, Kovac had chosen the 22-year-old as one of his key players. "I can't prove it, but if he remained fit, we would have been less behind in Dortmund or even to an advantage," his coach said at the time.

Coman can make the difference

The value of Coman for the team is not necessarily a value read. His five goals and three assists in 18 Bundesliga appearances are in the upper average. But not anymore.

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But with his speed, he repeatedly lacerates the gaps, usually employs two opponents and is therefore only this season often offensive Munich offensive game one of the few difference players.

It was he who pulled the semifinal of the DFB Cup against Werder Bremen against the controversial penalty, which Robert Lewandowski used for the winner.

Alaba strengthens Coman's back

"Certainly he was not the happiest today, but the king (Nickname of Coman in the team, d. Red.) is a very important player for us. Show this week a week, "Bayern colleague David Alaba said logically.

He had also played his part against Nuremberg. His crossbar made Serge Gnabry happy to score 1: 1.

Hanging but above all the sprint with the view from Bavaria so bitter.

Kovac: the Bundesliga is crazy

Instead of the four possible markers, Monaco has just two points ahead of Borussia Dortmund in the last three games of the season.

Paradoxically, but this is still a greater distance than before the game, as the BVB on Saturday had to swallow the bitter pill of a 2-4 defeat in the derby against Schalke.

"The Bundesliga is simply crazy, you can see that it is the day of the match, which will probably be the same for the next three games," predicted Kovac sky,

King Coman will hope that his coach's psychic abilities are limited.

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