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Media in Spain reported an unusual case that occurred to Rogelia Blanco, woman who was declared dead from coronavirus, veiled by her family and even buried. However, the story took a shocking turn when, a few days ago, she returned home fully recovered.

According to the newspaper The voice of Galicia, it all started on December 29, when an outbreak of COVID-19 was reported in the residence for the elderly in San Bartolomeu, in the city of Lugo.

At that time Rogelia was diagnosed with the disease, for which she was transferred to the residence of the San Rosendo Foundation, which had implementation to treat positive patients. In that group was another woman named Concepción, known as Conchita.

Those days the woman’s health worsened, so she had to be sent to the Burela Hospital by ambulance. However, the vehicle suffered a technical fault on the route, so the trip took two hours longer than budgeted.

The error occurred when she was admitted to the medical center, since in the administrative procedures they confused her with “Conchita”. In this way, Rogelia entered as Concepción and vice versa; both were in serious condition, so they were not noticed.

Rogelia and her husband Ramón

The two shared a room in the hospital for a few weeks, until Conchita passed away on January 13 due to complications of the disease.

However, due to an administrative error, the identity of the woman was confused and it was reported that the deceased was Rogelia.

“An identification error during the transfer process from Xove to Pereiro de Aguiar led to the certification of the death of one of them on January 13, although the identity of her partner was wrongly assigned,” they explained in a statement.

The woman’s funeral took place on January 14, without knowing that the body belonged to Concepción. It was attended by her husband Ramón and her seven nephews. The marriage had no children.

However, the truth was that Rogelia was recovering satisfactorily from the coronavirus infection, so the doctors even thought that she would be discharged as soon as she tested positive on the PCR test.

The Residence of St. Bartholomew

Time passed and this Saturday, January 23, people were waiting for Conchita to arrive at the residence; But this did not happen, since the one who arrived at the place was the woman with the surname Blanco.

As expected, many people were stunned by what had happened, even more so when they learned that they had veiled the wrong person nine days ago.

Without going any further, her husband did not believe this confusion either, although for now he is waiting to hug his wife.

“The San Rosendo Foundation deeply regrets the unfortunate incident. After learning of the error, he immediately proceeded to inform the families and has sent a letter to the courts of Orense and Viveiro to warn of the events and initiate the procedures to repair them, “they concluded from the residence in a statement.


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