Draw of the first round in the live ticker

6.45 p.m .: Cup winner vs. Wuerttemberg Erzgebirge Aue.

6.44 p.m .: Hessen’s winner is dealing with SV Sandhausen.

6.43 p.m .: Second division meets first division: Braunschweig vs. Hertha BSC

6.42 p.m. Winner from southern Baden receives second division Holstein Holstein.

6.42 p.m .: Cup winners of the Lower Saxony amateurs are dealing with FC Augsburg.

6.42 p.m .: And Bavaria’s possible opponent is also determined! The cup winner must be the winner from Middle Rhine.

6.41 p.m .: Wehen Wiesbaden welcomes Heidenheim.

6.41 p.m .: Cup winner Thuringia against Werder Bremen

6.40 p.m .: And now it will be exciting for the lions! Should they move into the cup, they will meet Eintracht Frankfurt.

6:39 pm: Cup winner from Saxony meets Hofffenheim.

18:38: The cup winner from Lower Saxony receives Bundesliga club Mainz.

18.37 p.m .: The state cup winner from Schleswig-Holstein meets VfL Osnabrück.

6:36 pm: And the club gets a hammer lot! The second division meets RB Leipzig

18:35: It starts! 1. FC Nürnberg is drawn as the first ball …

18:34: In addition to the DFB president, deputy general secretary Heike Ullrich is also part of the drawing.

6:32 pm: In addition to the 18 first and second division teams, the best four third division teams from the previous season are already firmly qualified. In addition, 1. FC Magdeburg has already been chosen as the national cup winner. Over 90 teams still have the opportunity to enter the main round of the cup competition.

6.30 p.m .: The ARD sports show begins.

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6:27 pm: Incidentally, currently 23 of the 64 starting places are still open in the main round.

6.20 p.m .: The first round will take place between September 11th and 14th, one week before the start of the Bundesliga.

6.12 p.m .: But it’s not just exciting for FC Bayern. The lions are also likely to follow the draw – because also the Munich city rival can still move into the first main round.

5.41 p.m .: The draw for the first round is very special. Due to the corona, many participants from the amateur sector are not yet certain, which is why numerous placeholders are used.

5.25 p.m .: By the way, the draw will take place in Cologne. DFB President Fritz Keller will make the drawing in person.

5:00 p.m .: Hello and welcome to the AZ live ticker! It starts in an hour and a half, then the games of the first main round of the DFB Cup are drawn – we report live!


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