Dream Artist. The first season is a hit on 2M

Viewers were able to discover the lucky winner of the competition which lasted nearly two months. This is the talented photographer Mourad Fedouache. Seller in a market in Sidi Yahya El Gharb, the self-taught 22-year-old is overflowing with talent and ingenuity.

His photographs amaze, encourage reflection and tell stories, such as those dealing with the issue of immigration or the precariousness suffered by the scavengers. A price of 350,000 dirhams was granted to him in order to be able to organize his first exhibition. Beyond this prize, Mourad Fedouache will benefit from personalized support including targeted training, the objective being to professionalize his career and help him fly on his own.

12 contestants took part in the show. They were able to push their limits to create exceptional works in several disciplines (photography, sculpture, painting, graffiti, installation, digital art and urban art).

Highlighting art and culture in Morocco


“Contributing to the influence of Moroccan art and culture through the discovery and promotion of young talent has always been one of 2M’s priorities,” said Salim Cheikh, General Manager of the channel. This show fits perfectly in this line. Dream Artist accompanied Moroccans for two months, offering them rich and instructive content. The enthusiasm around Dream Artist demonstrates the interest of the general public for this concept of program striving to highlight the art and culture of Morocco”.

The success of the show is also due to the quality of the competition jury, which is made up of well-known personalities on the Moroccan artistic scene such as Hassan Sefrioui, gallery owner; Syham Weigant, curator; Amine Boushaba, art critic; the artist Safaa Erruas and Said Guihia, director of the Superior School of Fine Arts in Casablanca. Guests of honor, experts in their field, also brought real added value to the show.

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