Drew Barrymore and her film debut; This is how she looked as a child (Photos)

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Mexico City / 22.02.2021 17:56:42

Drew Barrymore is one of the best known faces in HollywoodAn industry he joined when he was just four years old, he has since demonstrated his great capacity for interpretation. And it is that the also model grew up in a family of actors: she is the daughter of the actor John Drew Barrymore and granddaughter of Dolores Costello.

The actress, who turns 46 years old today, is known for starring in blockbuster comedy films such as Donnie Darko, Like it was the first time, The best of my weddings The Music and Lyrics. However, his career would be marked by two films that he made during his childhood.

The film debut of Drew Barrymore

The actress first appeared on the big screen in Altered states (1980), film in which he gave life to the daughter of a university psychology professor who carries out strange experiments with the aim of putting the human mind to the test.

Altered states is a science fiction film directed by Ken Russell and based on the novel of the same name, written by Paddy Chayefsky. In the film, Drew Barrymore shared a camera with the actors William Hurt y Blair Brown.

‘ET’, the stellar film by Drew Barrymore

However, his most important role at the beginning of his career would come from the hand of the director Steven Spielberg, who cast Drew Barrymore to join the main cast of his hit movie ET, el alien.

At just six years old, the actress stole the cameras with her charisma, innocence and tender face. No doubta, you recognize the scene where ET meets Gertie, the younger sister of Elliott, because that girl who screams when she sees the alien is nothing less than Drew Barrymore.

A few years ago, the actress admitted that she kept a prop from the 1982 production. It is the cowgirl hat that her character wears in one of the scenes.

I have the red cowboy hat that I wore in ‘E.T’. Today my daughters have it in their room and when I see it it reminds me that I was 6 years old when I wore a hat, “he recalled in an interview for the magazine Domino.



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