Drew Barrymore has a birthday, sweats, suffers, messes up, gets motivated and confesses the trick to accept his physical changes

On his 45th birthday we review the best and worst moments of what was Hollywood’s broken toy, today an icon of self-improvement and naturalness on social networks

It is not difficult to imagine that someone who was an alcoholic at eleven, a drug addict at twelve, suicidal at thirteen, emancipated at fourteen, and who had her acting career ruined at fifteen, is going to give a damn about appearing with hair of crazy No makeup and sweating like she’s been swallowed by a tropical monsoon by now. It’s been a long time since Drew Barrymore reinvented himself to make our lives happy with his sympathy, which he often shares on his account Instagram, which we appreciate because life has to be simplified with positivity.

His grandfather, John, was called “the big profile” because of the harmony of his features. To his grandmother, Dolores Costello, “the great lady of silent movies.” His father and his uncles were actors too. She grew up on a film set. After a teenage slump, his career is one of Hollywood’s most mind-blowing reinventions. She acts, produces, directs, is a mother of two girls (six and eight years old), three times married and separated, struggles to stay in shape but also tempted to fan herself a pot of peanut butter every now and then, and All this, told to the camera as it happens, has made him a pain for his 13 million Instagram followers.

“My body roller coaster is a challenging but beautiful ride. I had two children. The most important purpose for me is to be on this planet for them! It is a true miracle that he was able to have these two girls. So, whatever the consequences to my body, go ahead! With that said, there have been times when I have stood in my closet and cried. I hated getting dressed. I didn’t feel good! I have a hard time looking decent. I have to eat well and work hard! I can’t fight the fact that I have a propensity to look like the Pillsbury cookie dough doll! (Now all I can think of is croissants), “she recently wrote on her Instagram.


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