Health Drinking boiled water of ginger can treat your gout

Drinking boiled water of ginger can treat your gout

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Apart from being an ingredient in herbal medicine, ginger is believed to be able to treat gout.

For some people, you must be familiar with gout. Understandably, gout is one of the common diseases suffered by people in this country.

Quoting from the official website of the Ministry of Health, generally gout begins to attack a person at the age of 30.

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A person suffering from gout because of an increase in uric acid production in the body. Thus, uric acid accumulates and settles in the joints.

This causes a person to feel joint pain in certain parts. Generally, gout sufferers suffer from pain in the big toe.

Patients must feel uncomfortable and have difficulty doing activities when uric acid recurs.

Just so you know, gout is triggered by a number of factors, one of which is eating excessively high-purine foods.

Quoting from the site, several types of foods that contain high purines are offal, beef brains, cauliflower, and beef liver.

Generally, sufferers take prescription drugs to reduce uric acid levels. Another option, gout sufferers can also take herbal medicines to treat their ailments.

Just so you know, there are quite a lot of herbal medicines that are believed to be effective in treating gout, one of which is curcuma.

Temulawak, the herbal medicine for gout

Who does not know ginger. Yes, ginger is widely used as an ingredient in herbal medicine.

Quoting from a book entitled 56 Magical Foods and Their Benefits for Health and Beauty by Yusuf CK Arianto, ginger is rich in curcumin which is useful for suppressing arthritis and reducing gout symptoms.

This is what makes ginger good for consumption for gout sufferers. However, you should not just consume ginger, because there is a special way to process ginger to make it effective as a gout drug.

Here are the ingredients and how to mix curcuma herbal medicine for gout.


  • Ginger 1 piece
  • Leaf cat whiskers
  • 1 thumb turmeric
  • Air 1 liter

You wash and boil all the ingredients above until boiling. After that, you strain it and drink it once a day regularly.

So that uric acid does not recur, you should avoid consuming foods that contain high purines and live a healthy lifestyle.

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