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Ardooie / IzegemMarc Vanhauwaert (30) from Izegem died on Friday around 7.30 pm in the Izegemsestraat in Ardooie. The man lost control of his steering wheel in a bend and collided with a barrier and a tree at high speed. He died on the spot. “You could always count on him, we will miss him terribly,” says one of his sisters.

Marc Vanhauwaert (30) from Izegem was on his way home from work at Alheembouw when he lost control of his handlebars in a left bend. He hit the guardrail and ran into a diver in the canal. As a result, he was catapulted into the air. His car then destroyed a wooden fence of a house and crashed into a tree. Emergency services rushed to the spot and tried to resuscitate the man, but all help came too late. The native of Izegem leaves behind a wife and a daughter of barely 10 months.

The (hidden) diver caused Marc to be catapulted into the air with his van © Alexander Haezebrouck

Many setbacks

Vanhauwaert came from a large family with three brothers and three sisters, Marc was the eldest. His death hit hard. “We’ve already had a lot of setbacks,” says one of his sisters. “We lost our parents at a young age. He himself had a serious accident at work a few years ago.” The player from Izegem got a heavy beam on his hands and lost a few fingers. “Despite everything, our brother was a bon vivant, someone you could always count on.”

Cause remains a question mark

The cause of the accident remains a question mark. “The chances of us ever knowing that are slim. He was an animal lover, maybe a cat just passed and he put on the brakes?” According to witnesses, Marc had passed another car shortly before the accident and was driving too fast. He would also have been on the phone and not wearing a seat belt.

The bend in the Izegemsestraat in Ardooie.  Local residents don't understand why the guardrail was never made longer

The bend in the Izegemsestraat in Ardooie. Local residents don’t understand why the guardrail was never made longer © Alexander Haezebrouck

Accidents have happened more often at the bend in the Izegemsestraat. So flew in augustus 2021 another driver with his Mini Cooper in the front yard of local residents. The driver then drove around the bend at too high speed and suffered only minor injuries. “We’ve been asking for a while that the situation here can be looked at,” say local residents, who rushed to Marc. “He babbled something and blinked a little. The maximum speed has already been reduced from 90 to 70 kilometers per hour. “But we never understood why they stopped making that guardrail. Also the culvert hidden in the undergrowth is dangerous. They ride on it and are catapulted into the air. It is terrible that such a young person has to die.”

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