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Driver self-driving Uber car sued for causing fatal accident – IT Pro – News

The Uber driver of the self-driving car that killed a woman in the US in 2018 has been charged with culpable death. The woman would not have paid close attention because she checked her phone while driving. She herself claims to be innocent.

The jurors Report that the Uber driver would have been negligent. The recommended imprisonment Culpable death in Arizona averages 2.5 years, with a minimum of one and a maximum of 3.75 years. At the same time, the jury states that the crime involved a ‘dangerous instrument’, which would increase the minimum sentence to four years, with a maximum of eight. The driver himself pleaded not to be guilty.

On October 27 a kind of pre-trial review place, which does not yet deal with the substance of the case and it mainly revolves around the question of which evidence will and will not be admitted and which witnesses will be heard. Possible settlements can also be presented during such a hearing. The lawsuit must officially start on February 11, 2021 CNBC.

The victim, a 49-year-old woman, stabbed in March 2018 across a street in Arizona with a bicycle in hand, after which she was scooped by the suspect’s self-driving Volvo XC90. After investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board showed among other things that the software in the XC90 did not recognize the victim as a pedestrian. Also stelde de NTSB in November that the accident could have been prevented if the driver had ‘paid attention’. from a police report it turned out that the driver was busy with her phone during part of the trip, although she herself denies this.

Uber itself has not been charged in the accident. In March 2018, the company reached a settlement with the victim’s family writes Ars Technica. In June 2019 private Arizona prosecutors also forgo a possible lawsuit against Uber.


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