Driving school: How to hold the steering wheel, how to adjust the seat and what to see in the mirror

Honza Červenka has been teaching people to drive for a long time, in recent years he has not only devoted himself to circuit riding, but he also organizes sports-defensive driving courses in districts and also does pure defensive driving. For many years, Honza Koubek has been shooting popular videos about cars, which entertain viewers with their sincerity, character and realistic view of the world.

In our series, we start with the very basic thing, how to sit properly in the car and how to have the mirrors set. It may sound funny, but if you’ve ever done a sport, played drums or a piano, or flown a plane, your instructor or trainer must have told you that proper posture is the key. And the car is no exception.

So how are you? Are you sitting properly or like a dentist? And do you know why some drivers are called watchmakers? Watch the first of our video series!

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