After the mile of La Capelle, Drôle de Jet conquered that of the Hippodrome d’Enghien with a very easy victory during the day’s summit of the Washington Prize while Go On Boy made an impression on him by winning in the Milan award as we approach the Critérium des 4 ans.

Washington Prize: the 1609m follow each other and look alike for Drôle de Jet

A few minutes before Queen Enable on Ascot’s side made a little more impact on racing history by becoming the first to win the King Georges on three occasions, on this side of the Channel the trotters were on display at Enghien for the main meeting with two groups on the menu including this Washington prize contested over 1609 meters. No new record to put to the credit of Drôle de Jet who had just taken over that of the Capelle track, but a new victory from start to finish for the talented son of Cocktail Jet who started off with his feet to the floor at the rope to settle in front and will then have been able to control the race as he wanted, setting off again well in the finish line to surely win in 1’09 “8. While the defending champion Bel Avis must be content this year with fifth place behind Billie de Montfort, two good ends of the race to be put to the credit of competitors from the second row with first of all Violetto Jet, who managed to come for a clear second place, as well as This Bello Romain, confirming that he is 8 years old better than ever by taking a third place in group 2 after his already very good victory in the group 3 Prix de Bruxelles.

Arrival of the Washington 2020 prize:

1: 1 Funny Jet – P. Vercruysse

2: 9.Violetto Jet – F. Nivard

3: 8 This Bello Romain – A. Barrier

4: 2. Billie de Montfort – G. Gelormini

5: 5.Good Avis – JM Bazire

Prix ​​de Milan: Go On Boy takes a date for the Critérium des 4 ans

Now 5 weeks before the Critérium des 4 ans, the “G” were then on track for the second group of the day with there the 2150 meters of the Prix de Milan which had as big favorite Gu d’Héripré remaining on his victorious comeback of the Phaéton Prize and trying there to clinch a fourth consecutive victory. The resident of Philippe Billard who will not be shown to him the quickest behind the wings of the autostart, positioning himself back in the wagon of the second thickness before going on the offensive for the last kilometer and coming to join in a beautiful action the animator Go On Boy. The two favorites who were going to be able to explain themselves in the finish line, a duel won very surely by Go On Boy who kept the best until the end and now looks like a very serious candidate for the coronation in the Critérium of 4 years. Withdrawn from this Gospel duo Pat for his return to the harness takes an encouraging third place ahead of the Italian Alcide Roc.

Arrival of the Milan 2020 prize:

1 : 5.Go On Boy – R. Derieux

2: 6.Gu d’Héripré – F. Nivard

3 : 4.Gospel Pat – D. Thomain

4 : 1.Alcide Roc – F. Rocca

5: 7.Gotland – E. Raffin

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