Drought in France, golf courses continue to be irrigated. Activists fill the holes with concrete

In the south of France, activists for the climate from Extinction Rebellion they filled the beech of some golf courses with concrete to protest against the exemption that the structures receive in order to continue to irrigate the lawns, while in over 100 municipalities, residents cannot consume excess water due to drought. The French minister of ecology in early August led the drought alert level from “alarm” a «crisis“. This means that the water can only be desinated for reasons of health, civil safety, nutrition and sanitary uses. Among the banned practices then wash the car and water the lawn at home, but also irrigate the cultivated fieldswith enormous damage to agriculture.

«To denounce the water grabbing by this industry of privileged people“Action Kirikou” activists sabotaged the golf courses of Old Toulouse and Blagnac, permanently occluding holes and damaging lawns, ”reads an Instagram post from Extinction Rebellion’s Toulouse division. In France, despite the restrictions, golf course managers are still allowed to irrigate their lawns, as long as the activity takes place in the night hours and is reduced to the bare minimum, which must not exceed 30 percent of the volume of water normally used.

Like much of Europe, the France is in the middle of a very serious Drought. During the month of July on the country they fell as soon as 9.7 mm of raina negative record that had not been posted since 1961. According to forecasts, the harvest of the most of 2022 will be of 18.5 percent lower compared to that of 2018. Despite these conditions persist, “the irrigation of golf courses is allowed in derogation due to the enormous costs of maintaining these courses for the rich,” reads the activists’ statement.

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