Drug crime – drug trade by chocolate bar – Panorama

  • German and Dutch investigators have uncovered a Europe-wide online platform for drug trafficking.
  • Four men were arrested and reportedly operated the shop for three years.
  • To handle the trade, the perpetrators apparently used an unusual method: they first sent chocolate bars with coupon codes.

German and Dutch investigators have released a Europe-wide gang of drug dealers. Four Dutchmen aged between 26 and 66 years were arrested, as the Cologne prosecutor announced. The men are said to have run their online store for about three years, taking in about € 2.7 million. The suspects were arrested last Wednesday in the Netherlands and Croatia. “This is one of our biggest hits against drug trafficking in the network,” said Markus Hartmann, senior prosecutor at the central and contact point Cybercrime NRW.

In order to handle their trade, the accused apparently used an unusual method: ordered someone drugs, he was first sent chocolate bars, on which a coupon code was printed. The customer then had to confirm his order with these codes. Apparently, the perpetrators wanted to make sure that the drugs are also paid and sent to real addresses.

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According to WDR, the gang made the chemical drugs themselves. The intoxicants were then sent from post offices in the German-Dutch border area, especially in NRW. “The perpetrators are internationally networked – the prosecutors may not be inferior to them in this respect,” said NRW Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach (CDU) at the presentation of the previous investigation results. For more than a year, German and Dutch authorities had investigated the shop operators.

Last Wednesday, the investigators searched twelve residential and business premises in the Netherlands and an object in Nettetal in the district of Viersen. Among other things, they found several kilograms of various synthetic substances and 40,000 euros in cash. The suspects are soon to be delivered to Germany, said prosecutor Hartmann.

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