Drug Drops Infect Patient’s Eyes, One Person Dies in America, 4 People Have Eye Lifting Operations

WASHINGTON, DISWAY.ID — The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified at least 68 patients in 16 US states with the infection.

This infection is most likely caused by bacteria that are in the eye drops they use.

The eye drops are called EzriCare and are made in India by Global Pharma Healthcare.

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The bacterium is named pseudomonas aeruginosa and it is resistant to antibiotics.

Infection was also found in the victim’s urine, blood and lungs.

Registered so far, there is one resident in Washington who died as a result of his blood being infected with these eye drops.

Eight patients experienced vision loss.

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And four patients had to undergo eye removal surgery.

Florida grandmother Clara Oliva was one of those who underwent eye removal surgery.

As a result, Clara sued Global Pharma Healthcare.

“My client was seriously injured and is now legally blind. I am currently investigating other people who were also injured by this recalled product,” said Natasha Cortes, attorney for Clara Oliva.

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