Drug trafficking and terrorism in a Romanian ‘thriller’ shot in Ibiza

Cinema. Romanian actor Cosmin P. Zaharia has chosen Ibiza, the island he discovered in May 2017, to shoot part of his first feature film, ‘The Music Island’. Platges de Comte and Cala d’Hort are two of the locations that appear in this intrigue film starring a motorcycle thief, with a villain who is a drug dealer in Ibiza and with the terrorist attacks in London in the background.

When the actor Cosmin P. Zaharia (Tarnaveni, Romania, 1982) visited the Pitiusas for the first time, he felt “in another world.” Ibiza, where he arrived in May 2017 on vacation, seemed to him “a place isolated from reality, like a soap bubble.” He was so fascinated by “its energy, its people and the beauty of its landscapes” that inspiration sprang up and he began to write the script for his first feature film as a director there. Baptized it ‘The Music Island’ en homage to “an island that is internationally known for electronic music.”

Although the title may be misleading, the music paints little in this thriller written, produced, directed, and starred by Zaharia. Ibiza, he explains, “is a metaphor of freedom” for his character. Alex, a motorcycle thief addicted to cocaine, diabetic and haunted by his past, finds peace and happiness on the island. It is there where he meets Carla, a Russian girl with whom he has an affair, and where the villain of the film, Marco, an important drug dealer from Ibiza just out of jail, enters the scene who wants to avenge the young woman. who reported him.

‘The Music Island’ is shot in four countries, Spain, United Kingdom, Romania and Bulgaria. The main plot takes place on the island and in London. As Zaharia explains, if Ibiza is synonymous with peace and freedom for the protagonist, the British capital is the opposite, “a prison full of rules and with a stressful rhythm” that feed the dark side of the rebel Alex.

The movie begins with the protagonist remembering his stay in Ibiza and his brief romance with Carla, which disappears suddenly. The action then takes place eight months later in London, where Alex lives with his girlfriend Clara, with whom he has returned after some time apart. The situation is complicated by the appearance in the British capital of Carla. The London terrorist attacks also play a role in this action-intrigue film shot in English, Romanian and Spanish.

Zaharia was in Ibiza in 2018 to record in Platges de Comte and Cala d’Hort. He was accompanied by part of the interpreters of a very international cast that included names such as Natasza Lesniak, Cornel Raileanu, Monjinder Sangha and Tatyana Tarassenko. There is no Ibizan actor, but there are professionals from the island who have worked on the set: the makeup artist Chus Ramírez, the photographer Marta Krystyna Jackowska and the drone pilot Héctor Piñol.

Trained as an actor in Bucharest and London and with experience in film and theater, Zaharia decided in 2017 to take a leap in his career and put himself on the other side of the camera. With two shorts behind him, he set out to make his first feature film. He carried it out without financial backing. All the money for this project has come out of your pocket.

The movie is ready and at the moment it is closing an agreement with Iuvit Media Sales for it to be distributed online. He has also begun to send it to festivals, the first, the Ibizacinefest.


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