Drunk shoots out of window with gas gun – Vienna

Witnesses alarmed the emergency services in Vienna’s favorites on Saturday after a man shot several times with a pistol out of the window into the air.

The incident occurred on Saturday around 6 p.m. in the Inzersdorfer Strasse area. A witness watched a man shoot a gun into the air from the window and alerted the police.

The officers of the city police commando Favoriten and WEGA were able to locate the apartment with the help of the witness. The man was a 30-year-old Croatian. When questioned in the apartment, he admitted that he had shot four times. In addition, he was under the influence of alcohol (note: measured value 1 per mille).

In the course of a search, a gas pistol, 50 pieces of gas pistol ammunition and two brass knuckles were found. The man was reported several times. Nobody got hurt. Areas of Inzersdorfer Strasse, Angeligasse and Muhrengasse had to be closed temporarily for the duration of the assignment.

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