dtac dSurance unlocks insurance barriers Easier access to coverage – Siamphone.com

debut dtac dSurance Online insurance center on dtac app that collects reliable and affordable digital insurance services. To help all Thai people have the opportunity to access insurance. Dealing with lifelong risks Health and valuable assets giving the general public better access to protection Reinforcing the Fast forward digital strategy that aims to provide services that “more” telecommunications

Developed in partnership with Bolttech, dtac Desurances brings together best-in-class insurance products in the dtac app, offering a wide range of coverage plans for health. especially COVID-19, car insurance, personal accident Travel insurance and others help users find a wide selection of insurance companies, including AXA Insurance, Bangkok Insurance, , Dhipaya Insurance, Thai Sri Insurance, FWD Insurance, Thanachart Insurance, Tun Insurance, MSIG Insurance, Howden Maxi Insurance and Sunday in dtac app

To solve the hassle of insurance, dtac Desurance has selected insurance plans that are economically priced and provide maximum benefits to users. To make it easy for users to choose a coverage plan that best suits their needs Users can pay for insurance premiums included in their mobile phone bills. This is convenient for those who do not use credit cards.

More information at www.dtac.co.th


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