Dual Loans to be Provided by Ziraat Bank, Application Limits Increased

Bilateral Loans to be Granted by Ziraat Bank, Application Limits Raised News: Ziraat Bank has launched a new loan campaign in order to revive the loan market.

With the newly launched loan campaign by Ziraat Bank, bilateral loans were started to be given. With this support, which will be given in 2 credits as a consumer loan and a debt settlement loan, a benefit of up to 100,000 TL will be provided. As it was known before, only those who took debt closing loans from banks within the loan campaigns did not have a chance to get a general purpose loan. With this campaign, it is now possible to benefit from both.

After this announcement made on Ziraat Bank’s official website, the citizens who will apply for a loan will be instantly evaluated. Immediate results will be given to the applied loans. Those who comply with the bank loan policies can get approval. Citizens whose credit results are negative will be able to use a loan with a guarantor. Anyone who is considering using a loan can join the campaign.

The Most Appropriate Loan Campaign Has Started

Those who will be given by taking advantage of suitable opportunities through Ziraat Bank will be able to use 2 loan campaigns. Citizens who want to apply for a loan will be able to do so through bank branches and using internet banking. Citizens who are positively approved as a result of the loan will be able to use consumer loan amounts up to 100,000 TL together with the debt closing loan.

Citizens for whom loan applications have been made will be able to pay 36-month maturity with the chance to postpone their existing loans with a 3-month maturity. Citizens who have received loan approval will use the loan in the form of credit card, consumer loan and loan deposit account debt closing.

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What are the loan terms?

There are application conditions for two loans to be given by Ziraat Bank. It is approved according to the credit scores that will use the loan through the bank. Citizens with a low credit rating will be able to use their loans provided that they give a mortgage to the guarantor or bank. In order to apply for a loan, a closing loan can be obtained for existing debts at the Bank. If there is no debt, Ziraat Bank offers loans up to 100 thousand TL to the citizens.

At the same time, loan approval is not given to people working as managers in the bank. The evaluations of the citizens who apply for bank loans are given by the people who have the authority of the branch and the general directorate. Those who qualify for the loan are given the opportunity to get an instant loan.

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