Duchess Catherine wants Prince William to get along with his brother

Once so close brothers now go their separate ways. Prince Harry spoke about his alienation in an interview in 2019. Meanwhile, Harry and his wife Megan’s interview with Opra Winfrey last year and subsequent public statements have only widened the gap between the two.

One of the people close to the British royal family said that the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, was experiencing a great deal of the relationship between the two brothers. She was worried about the heartache that Prolong William might cause.

An acquaintance told Closer that Duchess Catherine had asked her husband to consider reconciling with her brother. She also “tacitly urges Harry to find such a desire in his heart to try to fix it afterwards.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is known to be a peacekeeper between the two brothers in disagreement. She has always been sympathetic to Prince Harry, whom the Duchess has known since she was a prince.

The cognition states that Catherine “has always loved Harry like a brother-in-law.” She also “supported Harry by welcoming Megan into the family when everyone first met. That’s why Saseksi’s criticism of the family and the subsequent accusations have made him very upset. “

According to the acquaintance, “The sad truth is that it has been difficult for Kate to see the same person in Harry all these years that she once loved and respected. The same can be said for William, who is in dire need of a brother. ”

But the mother of three knows perfectly well that “despite all Harry’s shortcomings and mistakes, he is still the same person at heart, and she knows that William loves his brother and longs for him.”

The news that Duchess Catherine has urged her husband to reconcile with her brother follows shortly after Prince William’s 40th birthday this Tuesday, June 21, which the prince celebrated with family and close friends. Rumor has it that the Duchess has even asked Prince Harry to send a congratulations to his brother on his special holiday, as Catherine believes it could be a step towards reconciliation between the two.

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