DUCK Motorbike Sense of SPORT! This is the New Honda GTR 150 2023, the body is much more agile than the Yamaha MX King – Good news for you motorcycle lovers.

It is reported that Honda Indonesia will soon launch the Honda Winner X 150 or maybe continue to use the name Honda Supra GTR 150.

The presence of the Honda Winner X 150 in the Indonesian automotive market will certainly be a new spirit in the underbone segment.

Reported by the Bondowoso Network from Youtube Automotive Star, the article is that this motorbike has been equipped with a myriad of new features that make it even more at the forefront.

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However, Honda had to fight hard, because there were fewer and fewer duck motorbike enthusiasts and currently the Indonesian two-wheeled automotive market was still dominated by the automatic motorbike segment.

Considering that the Honda Supra GTR has not received any changes in Indonesia, it is also reported that the Indonesian Honda Supra GTR will soon be replaced by the Honda Winner X 150.

However, this motorbike is not marketed under the name Winner X, but the Honda Supra GTR 150.

The latest generation of Honda Winner X has a sporty, aggressive and modern appearance, body dimensions that are not much different from the Supra GTR 150.

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Even so, this motorbike looks more solid filled with sharp and futuristic body curves.

The Honda manufacturer looks very detailed in making changes to the latest generation Honda Winner X or Supra GTR 150.

The most extreme change lies on the front which is occupied by LED lights, with an aggressive design like a sports motorbike.

The position of the turn signal is made separately or you could say this change makes the Honda GTR far more aggressive than the Yamaha MX King 150.

Honda also equipped it with front and rear lights that have adopted LED technology.

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