Duct blood clot in the form of a bronchial tree: a medical anomaly – Popular Mechanics


36-year-old patient of the American clinic. suffers from heart failure. during a hemoptysis attack, he coughed with a large and unusually thick blood clot. Ideally repeating the shape of the right side of the bronchi.

Do you think this is coral? It seems, but no. In reality, this is a huge 15cm blood clot, almost ideally repeating the human bronchial tree. The worst thing is that it was not removed by the medical staff – the patient himself vomited him during a coughing attack.

A 36-year-old patient was admitted to hospital with acute heart failure and doctors implanted a device to help reduce ventricles. During the following week, the patient had hemoptysis and an increase in oxygen consumption – up to an additional 20 liters. During one of the attacks, the patient tightened a thick blood clot in the form of a practically intact right bronchial tree.

Apparently, the clot has retained its shape due to the high concentration of fibrinogen-plasma protein, which helps to form clots. The infection aggravated heart failure and, apparently, caused the accumulation of fibrinogen in the blood – as a result, it became similar to gum. Unfortunately, but also the fact that the patient freed himself independently of a large clot did not save him: the patient died a week later.



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