Dudamel analyzes Colombia-Venezuela qualifying match

The strategist, who will enter the group of commentators of Gol Caracol, expressed that despite the losses in both selected due to the coronavirus pandemic, the loads are even for the game this Friday, October 9 for the quality of the establishments and the conditions of the same, as it will be at night and without a long journey in between.

“Starting against Colombia, in Barranquilla and at 6:30 pm, let’s say that it is a favorable scenario for Venezuela, although we already know how difficult the Qualifying Round is and that both teams arrive at a very high level,” he said initially.

Then, he considered that more than a classic, the clash between Colombia selection and Venezuela is a fraternal confrontation: “It is a very special duel for what it means to be brother countries. We are building a story to mention that we are a classic. It’s more of a regional duel ”.

And he noted that he is in accordance with the initiation of the South American qualifier, despite the effects on each side. Well consider important “The reactivation of the economy” in different countries “produced by football”.

Furthermore, Rafael Dudamel pointed out that even if Colombia has had “sensitive casualties” due to the pandemic, strategist Carlos Queiroz has been able to find category replacements: “There one realizes the power on the payroll that the Colombian National Team has ”.

Finally, he recognized that does not play in favor of Venezuela that his new helmsman, the Portuguese José Peseiro, has to make his debut without having had more work with his players and that the lack of Salomón Rondón, for what it represents for his companions, it will be gravitating for the cast ‘patriot’.

“I will comment with more reason than heart”: Dudamel, on his arrival at Gol Caracol

Rafael Dudamel said that he will do his best to make his opinion in the broadcasts of the Qualifier as professional as possible.

“The match of Colombia against Venezuela I will do it with emotion, with objectivity and passion, from my experience as a player and coach. But I will be more with the reason than with the heart. If there is a goal from Venezuela, I will be very happy, but the most important thing will be to explain what happens so that the viewer understands it, ”he emphasized.


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