Due to the pesticide, the manufacturer is withdrawing the Kunín Pohár milk dessert

Dairy desserts weigh 150 grams and have flavors of chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and apricot. Product consumption dates are July 21, 2021, July 22, 2021, July 23, 2021, July 27, 2021, July 28, 2021, and July 29, 2021. Products have been downloaded by the producer, products with other consumption dates are not downloaded.

“Ethylene oxide is used in some third countries to control ripening, which is probably why a small amount of it appeared in the additive Flanogen, which entered the Union market and was subsequently used in the manufacture of the dairy product in question,” said SVS spokesman Petr Vorlíček.

Ethylene oxide is a reactive gaseous substance with mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, none of its levels are safe for humans. In some countries it is used as a pesticide to regulate the maturation of certain plant commodities, in the EU it is not allowed.

“The supplier of one of the raw materials used for texture treatment, which is added to the Milk Dessert Cup in small quantities, informed us about the detection of ethylene oxide in quantities exceeding the permitted limits in a specific batch of carob raw material. Due to the fact that this biocidal product is not permitted in the EU and food safety is always in the first place for Lactalis CZ, the company immediately proceeded to preventive withdrawal of products from sale, ”ČTK was quoted by Lactalis CZ Quality Director Jana Ovčáčková.

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