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Christophe Dugarry, former French international sports consultant, has returned to the situation of Adrien Rabiot (mid 23) at Paris Saint-Germain. Absent the group this Sunday against the Girondins de Bordeaux (2-2, 15th day of the Ligue 1) for personal reasons, the player has trained in Paris It is announced much closer to a departure than an extension of the contract. While it stops next June. According to Dugarry, it is too late to tackle this problem, which is becoming very important.

" The PSG was supposed to solve this problem with Rabiot, to consider it a little more when it demanded much higher salaries, extensions of contracts that they did not want. They entered a kind of arm wrestling that today is won by Adrien Rabiot.

"Play on the whole team, in a moment of stop"

Today it plays on the performance of the player and the team. The evidence against Marseille. Since he is not in the right mind, because he is angry and he is always angry for nothing! Even if he is in a strong position, contractually, he plays on the whole team. In a moment of stop, bring the zizanie. "

Separating yourself from Rabiot is certainly the best thing to do given the situation. The player has already lost his place in Team France after the average benefits and above all due to inappropriate behavior. It is the same today at the PSG. The mentality is an essential point to succeed at a high level. The whims and the others necessarily have a bad influence on the group.

Anyone trained in the capital's club will have to fight to win elsewhere. This will not be easy given what he has shown in recent seasons. Rabiot is interested in being well aware of the patience that the PSG has had with his behavior. The club has done a lot of things to put it in the best conditions. The Parisian Titi will have to grow up at a certain moment if he wants to succeed in a good career (which will be possible with his talent). And Paris probably should not worry anymore if it does not want to do it in the capital.


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