Duh, Another Virus Appears That Can Make People Sick of Polio

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not yet over the Covid-19 pandemic, New York City, United States (US) seems to have to face this new disease. A report said poliovirus was detected in wastewater samples there.

According to local health officials, the findings are an indication of possible local circulation of the virus. New York Mayor Eric Adams said his party was prepared to deal with the threat.

“We are dealing with a trifecta. Covid is still very much here. Polio, we have identified polio in our waste. And we are still dealing with the monkeypox crisis,” Adams said, quoted by CNN International, Sunday (14/8/2022).



“We are dealing with threats that come before us and are prepared to deal with them and with the help of Washington DC.”

In a statement regarding the findings in the valley water, New York officials said the public was keeping abreast of polio immunization developments. Especially for those in the New York metro area.

Most people in the US are protected from polio because of the vaccination. The main series of three vaccines provides 99% protection. Those who are vulnerable are people who are not vaccinated and who are not vaccinated.

“For not one identified case of paralytic polio, hundreds of others may go undetected. Detection of poliovirus in New York City wastewater samples is alarming but not surprising,” said State Health Commissioner Mary T. Bassett.

WHO noted that 90% of people infected with the polio virus do not show symptoms. Some of the other reported symptoms are flu such as sore throat, fever, fatigue, and nausea.

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The wastewater findings come after the identification of a paraplegic polio case in Rockland County New York on July 21. Wastewater detection occurs in May, June and July from Rockland and Orange.

Official Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cases in Rockland is the tip of the iceberg. The agency also said there must be hundreds of cases circulating in the community.

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