Duhalde and the deep desire of the right

The statements of former President Duhalde, in which he assured that next year there will be no elections but a coup d’état and his call to change policies “that are useless” for others that seek “consensus”, in clear allusion to the actions of the national government, they could be considered as a delusion as he himself hinted later but they have institutional gravity.

Duhalde is a former president, whether he was interim or not, and from his statements it is clear that he has a pessimistic vision of the future of the current Argentine government and of the democracies of South America.

Without saying it verbatim, he clearly hints that this does not hold and that the country will end up like Bolivia with a police military coup, like Brazil, with a civil-military government, or like Ecuador, with a president who betrays and surrenders to the powers that be and to the States. United.

Although it is true that, surely frightened by the negative repercussions of his sayings, the former president later admitted that he suffered “a disengagement from reality”, that his was a “psychotic behavior” and that “the turtle escaped”, It is clear that he thinks what he thinks and that in any case the bad thing for him was to express it without ambiguity.

It is also clear that Duhalde’s words coincide too much with the deep desire of the Argentine undemocratic right, which cannot accept that it lost the elections and works against the government on all fronts, making its own a kind of value of everything that includes exploiting for purposes perverse the catastrophic pandemic of Covid 19.

On one level, Duhalde’s sayings are no different than some of the lunatics who have been seen in all the antiquarantine marches. Perhaps emotionally destabilized subjects who mix everything but have the common denominator of individualism, anti-politics and hatred of the popular.

The issue is that Duhalde is a former president and his statements could not have the same impact as those of an anonymous delusional. For this reason, whether it was proposed or not, they were objectively destabilizing and like the anti-alls, whether they are on foot or traveling in high-end cars, they carry water for the mill on the right.

But contrary to what might be expected, Duhalde’s opinions, later corrected by himself, have had a salutary effect: that of a revulsive against impeachment attempts and the ghosts of a coup.

However, Duhalde’s invocation of an alleged military coup in Argentina sounds out of date because in the country genociders and coup plotters have been condemned by history and punished by justice.

The “Never again” had in Argentina a re-founding role of democracy and is, perhaps, the broadest and deepest of the consensuses reached by this society. On the other hand, today’s military is very far from being yesterday’s, they were born and trained in democracy and society as a whole assigns them a very different role than it did in the 60s and 70s of the last century.

Currently, for example, they actively participate in the fight the State is facing against the pandemic. This, although a comprehensive reform of the role of the armed forces is still pending in the country in light of the challenges posed by the 21st century, the defense of natural resources, the reconstruction of strategic aspects of the national industry, and so on.

Despite all that has been said, it cannot be ignored that in the continent there is a plan to fully reestablish US hegemony after a decade of popular governments and in the face of the strategic threat posed to Washington by the emergence of China as the world’s main economic power.

But today the intervention of the armed forces in domestic politics sounds anachronistic. Conditionalities on democratic governments such as that of Argentina or institutional coups are no longer carried out at gunpoint but through the concentrated media, the fake news of the armies of trolls and the low fare of complicit justice.

All this exists in Argentina and to a large extent it was that combination of factual powers that brought Macri to the government and the one that was attempting his re-election with the support of the United States embassy, ​​the IMF that financed the campaign.

Without the political engineering of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, perhaps another rooster would have crowed to the right. Only, it is already known, the bet of the national and popular sectors was successful and today the Frente de Todos governs.

This is what the most ultra sectors of the Pro and the greenish gorillaism of the UCR cannot tolerate, that is why they play everything in the middle of the pandemic, and oppose each and every one of the projects of President Alberto Fernández, from the expropriation of that great fraud to the country that was Vicentin, up to the judicial reform that affects the impunity of Macri and his accomplices,

But fortunately the high-end right and the lunatics who, knowingly or not, support it, scream and mobilize but are still a minority, as all the polls show and was seen once again on Thursday in front of Congress with the half sanction to the Judicial Reform.

For this reason, Duhalde’s words, his madness or his bad faith, have provoked a wide repudiation, from the government, the armed forces, the human rights defense organizations and even some members of the opposition, who thanks to never again, they can no longer defend the indefensible.

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