World Duhalde continues to compare Alberto F. with De la...

Duhalde continues to compare Alberto F. with De la Rúa

“My impression is that the President is groggy, he is ” no answer ”, as (Fernando) De la Rúa was at one time. The most benign explanation is that, ”Eduardo Duhalde said last week. And in the last hours he also returned to compare Alberto Fernández with the former radical president, although also as a reference to the “requirement” that the public function produces in a head of state.

In any case, in a radio interview he did not stop expressing his “disappointment” with the departure of the Fernández government because “it suddenly changed.”

Duhalde insisted that he knows the current president well and that after he won the elections in October last year they talked a lot about the idea of ​​a broad agreement with all political parties. However, “we moved forward talking with men from different political forces and then it suddenly changed,” he lamented. “Hopefully it changes,” he added. “If we do not unite, it is really very difficult to move the country forward, I would say it is impossible.”

Duhalde explained what he was referring to when he said that Alberto Fernández “is groggy” and compared him both with Fernando De la Rúa and with himself: “They are the daily impacts that a person who does not take care of himself has. We have to take time for ourselves to play football or talk about other issues. It happened to me. Mine was worse: I saw things that did not exist. I was in Olivos and I saw a river inside Olivos. That happen”.

Regarding Cristina and her influence, she clarified that “I don’t like to get involved in these issues” but warned that “in any case, he is responsible as President.”



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