Duhalde: “Fernández is groggy as was La Rúa”

The former president, Eduardo Duhalde, once again generated controversy by assuring that Alberto Fernández “is staggered as he was with La Rúa” and that this government showed that it did not understand how to govern in crisis. A few days ago, Duhalde had made other statements that also generated controversy, according to the express, “next year there will be no elections because Argentina is the champion of the military dictatorships.”

This time he said “My impression is that the president is groggy, as De La Rúa or myself was when he was in office” and he reminded himself “At one point I was no answer.” He also launched “With so many problems, so many psychic impacts, at one point you need help. The most benign explanation I have from the President is that ”.

Then, on Radio Rivadavia, he spoke about the moment of crisis that Argentina is currently going through: “The Government does not understand and does not know that governance in crisis is absolutely different from normal or quasi-normal times. He has never understood it and that is why he started with 22 ministries. In times of crisis, the energy of citizens, governments and businessmen is very limited by the crisis ”.

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