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Duhalde said that he “sees a permanent setback” in the country and that the people “are in very bad shape.”

Eduardo Duhalde, former President of the Nation, spoke again about the situation in the country after statements about a possible “coup” that generated controversy weeks ago. Duhalde said this Monday, September 14, that he sees Argentina in “a permanent setback” and that the country’s leaders “are tough heads and do not understand that there are people who are very bad.”

“We Argentines are hopeless and our leaders are so hardheaded that they do not understand that a pandemic situation like this requires that we all be together,” said the former head of state in dialogue with the program Someone has to say, led by Alfredo Scoccimarro to replace Eduardo Feinmann who is recovering from coronavirus.

Duhalde pointed to the “permanent setback of Argentina” and pointed out: “It was my turn during the crisis of 2000 together with Raúl Alfonsín, it was my turn when I assumed as governor of the province of Buenos Aires in 1991, where the paradigm was changed and the one that won ruled and the one who lost also, “he said in the interview in Radio Rivadavia.

Eduardo Duhalde: “I don’t regret it, an anarchy comes with the smell of blood”

Along these lines, he insisted that political leaders must “capitalize on that experience” and bet on dialogue. “I wonder what more dramatic needs to happen for them to realize that. Not capitalizing on the experience of others is a nonsense of the leadership,” said Duhalde, and said that days ago, on WhatsApp, he told the president Alberto Fernandez that “you have to sit down and talk”.

In the words of the former Buenos Aires governor, the political leadership “has an absolute inability to understand the moment in which one lives”, and considered that blaming the other for what is happening in the country “is nonsense”, while saying that if the leaders “They make faces of bad, stupid or fighters, they will never fix anything.”

In that sense, in relation to the crisis that the country is going through, he added: “The fault lies with the entire leadership, by action or omission. It is not that it belongs to one or the other. If it cannot be fixed, we will continue to fall because countries are bottomless. “

Duhalde, convinced that there will be no elections in 2021: “Argentina may have a coup”

Duhalde evaluated that the current situation deserves “a great legislative coalition”, because “Everyone is convinced that if we don’t do that, there won’t be Argentina left for anyone.” In this context, he proposed that anti-corruption laws should be voted: “Where you touch, pus comes out. You have to do it. What happened cannot be modified, but for the future let’s avoid thieves who come to keep what belongs to everyone.” sentenced.



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