Dunaevsky refused to admit that he promoted Andreichenko to the role of Mary Poppins


As the composer said, the actress did not like the song and she refused the role.

Dunaevsky explained why instead of Vertinsky Mary Poppins played Andreichenko
Dunaevsky remembered how Vertinsky refused to play Mary Poppins / http: //globallookpress.com/

Composer Maxim Dunaevsky explained why in the famous film “Mary Poppins, goodbye!” The actress Anastasia Vertinsky had to be replaced by his former wife Natalya Andreichenko. Many in those years believed that Dunaevsky promoted his then-wife to a leading role.

As the composer noted, he really does not like it when the directors shoot their wives and lovers in the paintings. At the same time, he acknowledged that the main role was originally intended for Vertinsky.

“When Vertinsky came to the shooting and I put her a cassette with already recorded songs, Nastya changed her face:“ I imagined Mary Poppins completely different. Wayward, more down to earth. Your songs do not at all coincide with what I was going to play, ”said Dunaevsky and added that the star refused the role.

In the end, I had to look for an urgent replacement. Director Leonid Kvinikhidze accidentally came home to Dunaevsky. He saw Andreichenko and offered her the lead role. She just gave birth to a son, Mitya, was very thin.

Dunaevsky did not argue with the director, and Andreichenko expressed her desire to play in the picture. By the way, the songs that Vertinsky didn’t like so much, Andreichenko, on the contrary, liked, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.



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