It seemed that Arrakis’ giant sandworms would remain a secret for now. But today there is a cover around Dune and a series of images released by Empire Magazine. And on that we already see a first look at the sandworms.

Denis Villeneuve like us Dune , revealing his struggle with Frank Herbert’s monsters. The iconic sandworms live in the dunes of the planet Arrakis, where most of the action takes place.

First images
Today images were released for the first time through Empire Magazine. The first of these is a cover, where you can see the sandworms. In Herbert’s book they are the greatest danger in the remote areas of Arrakis and disrupt the miners who spice must harvest.

The second cover shows the Atreides family. So we see Timothée Chamalet who plays the lead role of Paul Atreides. In addition, he is flanked by Oscar Isaac as his father Duke Leto, Rebecca Fergusson as his concubine of the Bene Gesserit, Lady Jessica. And we see Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck.

The third cover also shows the Fremen. Javier Bardem is their leader, Stilgar, Zendaya his right hand Chani. We also see Sharon Duncan-Brewster as her mother Liet-Kyunes. And then there is Jason Momoa like Duncan Idaho, who may not be Fremen but is on the cover because he lives with them.

Dune follows the Atreides family who move to the remote planet Arrakis. There they must lead the production of the universe’s rarest and most sought-after resource, spice. However, betrayal means that the youngest son of the Atreides family, Paul, must accept his fate as the prophet of the Fremen, the original inhabitants of Arrakis.

The release of the first trailer is scheduled for September 9. The film must be in the cinema from December 17.

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