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The explosion at a festival in Germany injured 14 people

At the traditional Backesfest festival in Freudenberg in Germany, an explosion occurred that killed 14 people. About this relationships Focus Online publication citing the police.

According to a version, for the explosion, the eyewitnesses could bring rainwater into a giant pan with boiling fat, which was used during cooking during the festival, causing a fiery blast. Local authorities do not confirm the gas explosion version. Among the 14 wounded, six are in serious condition, they were taken to the hospital. One of them caused a heart attack. All the victims had an age between 31 and 75, writes the newspaper.

In August, three Russian participants in the international Future Spaces project suffered a gas cylinder explosion. The accident occurred on August 18 in the town of Hitzacker. The cause of the explosion was a gas leak. Two Russians, 24-year-old Nikolai Bakhalkhanov and 18-year-old Alexander Yurchenko, were in the immediate vicinity of the explosion and suffered 50 and 22% body burns, respectively. They were delivered by helicopter to the medical institutions of the city of Hamburg.



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