During the pandemic, every fifth person considered changing profession – ALWAYS

Accenture, an international information technology (IT) company, is organizing additional training courses this fall for employees who want to change their profession. The company plans to train 220 people in the Baltic States who want to start a career in IT, including 40 specialists in Lithuania. Additional courses are organized when there is a great interest of employees seeking retraining.

“Due to the pandemic, almost one in five people considered wanting to change professions or pursue a different career. By reviewing the applications received from those wishing to participate in the summer training, we made sure that more and more professionals in other fields want to change jobs. Many are thinking about a career in IT as this field expands, digital solutions are needed in all sectors of the economy. Our experience shows that professionals in the tourism industry can easily learn Scala programming, the right to master DevOps, music – Android applications, and journalists – to take any programming. Therefore, this autumn we have decided to organize additional training courses and we are primarily focused on those specialists who would like to change their career path, ”says Maksims Yegorovs, Head of Accenture in the Baltics.

This fall, the multinational company is offering a variety of training courses that can provide you with the skills to work in popular areas such as Java programming, automated testing, or the skills needed to become an IT project management assistant. Five new topics will also be available: Amazon’s cloud computing solutions, Adobe frontend website and application development, UX / UI design, the use of Low code in business process management, and Microsoft data engineering. The training will enable you to master cloud automation tools, iOS application development, and learn how to manage data using Oracle tools. The consulting training group will host SAP courses that will provide access to business solutions, including migration.

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Bootcamp training is part of the company’s recruitment program: their participants receive a certificate of completion, and the most successful graduates can do an internship at Accenture for free. Most trainees become employees of the company. The training provides the basic IT knowledge and skills needed at the beginning of a career, they are reminiscent of daily work with projects. Through learning, participants gain both practical and theoretical knowledge, learn to work in a team. The training provides an opportunity to work in IT and continue working in an international company. The training is free and lasts for several weeks, the duration of which depends on the chosen field of training. All training will take place remotely under the guidance of experienced lecturers and mentors.

Passing the technical test of training selection requires basic knowledge of the chosen field of training. Participants’ ability to think analytically, motivation to learn, English language skills will also be assessed. All training will be in English. More information on training content and registration is available on the Accenture Bootcamp website.

Accenture is one of the leading IT companies in the Baltics and the world. The international management consulting, technology and outsourcing company employs more than 537,000 people. Accenture decided to open an office in Lithuania this year, and the company’s Latvian branch was established in 2002. The company’s turnover in Latvia in the financial year, which lasted from 2019. September 1 until 2020 as of August 31, amounted to 80.1 million. The company’s profit for that period amounted to EUR 3.8 million. euros.

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