Duta Palma’s Land Confiscated, Marwan Yohanis Suspects There’s a ‘Game’ in Permit Extension

PEKANBARU – Chairman of the Special Committee (Pansus) for Land Conflict Resolution of the Riau DPRD, Marwan Yohanis, spoke about the confiscation of PT Duta Palma’s land, which is said to cost the state Rp 600 billion per month.

Marwan said, so far PT Duta Palma has operated its company using a Hak Guna Usaha (HGU) permit in a way that is suspected of being fraudulent. The reason is that their permit since 2018, was renewed in 2005.

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The Gerindra Party politician suspected that the company was ‘playing’ with certain individuals in extending its HGU. Where, they proposed an extension of the HGU in 2003 and issued it in 2005.

“At that time, discussions were being carried out that every company that wanted to apply for a HGU permit had to give 20 percent of the land to the community under the KPPA pattern,” he said, Wednesday (29/6/2022).

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Because the permit was issued before there was a legal basis for the obligation to give KPPA rights, according to him, Duta Palma felt he was not obliged to give 20 percent of his land to the community.

“In their permit there was no obligation to give the KPPA’s rights, because at that time there was no such obligation. Therefore, I suspect this is a game,” he added.

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In addition, the extension of the HGU by Duta Palma also did not go through an assessment process from the local government, where in extending the HGU there must be an assessment from the local government.

“If the report card is red, the permit can be refused. If the permit in 2018 has existed since 2005, the assessment carried out by the Plantation Service is useless, because the permit existed before the assessment was carried out,” he said.

Furthermore, Marwan conveyed, Duta Palma is one of the companies that is in conflict with the community, due to the frauds it has committed.

“Yes, we have completed the Special Committee, just read it out in the plenary session, and we have explained the recommendation points based on the existing facts. One of them is recommending the revocation of the Duta Palma HGU permit or revision and adjustment to existing regulations, for example regarding the obligation to establish KPPA earlier ,” he concluded. ***

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